Napoleonic Wars 200

The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars lasted from 1792 to 1815, and are usually divided into the Revolutionary War of 1792-1802 and the Napoleonic War of 1803-15. The only countries that were continuously at war throughout this period were Britain and France; others varied between being at war with France, neutral, usually whilst recovering from a defeat by France, and allied to France, not always willingly.

In the first half of 1812 most of Europe was in one of the periods of peace, but this would soon change.  In April 1812 warfare was taking place only at sea and in Spain and Portugal, where The Peninsular War was being fought. The initial posts linked on this page describe the Peninsular War up to mid-1812. Later ones will appear as close to the 200th anniversaries of the battles and major political events of 1812-15 as my other commitments permit.

The Napoleonic Wars: Situation in April 1812.

Talavera and Wellington’s 1809-1810 Campaigns.

Wellington’s 1811 Campaign and the Battles of Funtes de Oñoro and Albuera.

The 1812 Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and Siege Warfare.

The Siege of Badajoz, 1812.

The Assassination of British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval on 11 May 1812.

United States Declares War on Britain –  In 1812.

June 1812 –  Napoleon Invades Russia.

Why Napoleon Invaded Russia in 1812.

The Battle of Salamanca, 22 July 1812.

The Battle of Garcia Hernandez, 23 July 1812.

Napoleon’s Campaign in Russia to the Capture of Vitebsk on 28 July 1812

The Allied Liberation of Madrid, 12 August 1812.

The Battle of Smolensk, 17 August 1812.

Defeat on Land, Victory at Sea: The Hull Family and the USA in 1812.

The Battle of Borodino, 7 September 1812.

Napoleon Retreats from Moscow, 18 October 1812.

The USS Wasp in the War of 1812.

The Siege of Burgos and Wellington’s Retreat, 1812.

The USS United States Captures HMS Macedonian, 25 October 1812.

Napoleon’s Retreat from Moscow to Smolensk.

The Battle of Krasny, November 1812.

Napoleon’s Crossing of the Berezina

The US Invasion of Canada, 1812.

The End of Napoleon’s 1812 Russian Campaign.

The USS Constitution Captures HMS Java, 29 December 1812.

Why Napoleon’s 1812 Russian Campaign Failed.

The Battle of Oldenburg, 22 February 1812: reblogged from Bite Size Canada.

The War of 1812: In Our Time, BBC Radio 4.

Americans Attack York: reblogged from Bite Size Canada.

The Start of Napoleon’s 1813 German Campaign.

The Battle of Lützen, 2 May 1813.

The Battle of Bautzen, 20-21 May 1813.

Living History – Twilight Artillery Duel in Niagara: reblogged from Military History Now.

HMS Shannon Captures the USS Chesapeake, 2 June 1813.

The Treaty of Pläswitz, 4 June 1813.

War of 1812: The Niagara Front to June 1813.

Living History – Foul Weather Mars Tall Ships Sail Past: reblogged from Military History Now.

The Battle of Vitoria, 21 June 1813.

The Battles of Maya and Roncesvalles, 25 July 1813.

The Battle of Sorauren, 28-30 July 1813.

The End of the Treaty of Pläswitz, 16 August 1813.

The Battle of Gross Beeren, 23 August 1813.

The Battle of Katzbach, 26 August 1813.

The Battles of Dresden and Kulm, 26-30 August 1813.

The Siege of San Sebastian, 1813.

The Battle of Dennewitz, 6 September 1813.

The Battle of Lake Erie, 10 September 1813.

The Battle of the Thames, 5 October 1813.

The Crossing of the Bidassoa, 7 October 1813.

The Battle of Nations: Leipzig (1) Prelude – Early October 1813.

The Battle of Nations: Leipzig (2) The Battle 16-19 October 1813.

The Battle of the Chateauguay 26 October 1813.

The Battle of Hanau and the End of Napoleon’s 1813 German Campaign.

The Battle of the Nivelle 10 November 1813.

The Battles of the Nive 9-12 December 1813.

The Start of Napoleon’s 1814 Campaign.

The Battle of Brienne 29 January 1814.

The Battle of La Rothiere 1 February 1814.

The Battle of Champaubert 10 February 1814.

The Battle of Montmirial 11 February 1814.

The Battle of Vauchamp 14 February 1814.

The Battle of Montereau 18 February 1814.

The Battle of Orthez 27 February 1814.

The Battle of Craonne 7 March 1814.

The Battle of Laon 9-10 March 1814.

The Battle of Rheims 13 March 1814.

The Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube 20-21 March 1814.

The Battle of La Fère Champenoise 25 March 1814.

The Capture of the USS Essex 28 March 1814.

The Fall of Paris 30-31 March 1814 and2 Napoleon’s Abdication.

The Battle of Toulouse 10 April 1814.

Battle of the Chippewa July 1814 reblogged from History Stuff That Interests Me

Lundy’s Lane and the Niagara Front in 1814

The Battle of Lake Champlain 11 September 1814

The Burning of the White House and the Star Spangled Banner

The Battle of New Orleans 8 January 1815

The Capture of the USS President 15 January 1815

The End of the War of 1812

Napoleon Returns from Elba

The Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras 16 June 1815

The Battle of Waterloo 1815


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The books highlighted in bold are available for free download at

Unfortunately the free online copies of both books by Petre and the 1974 Arms and Armour Press reprint of his Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany, 1813 do not include the maps that came with the original editions.


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