US ‘would lose any war’ fought in the Pacific with China | The Times

Article from the 16 May edition of the London Times claiming that Pentagon wargames of a US Cina naval war indicate that by 2030 the USN would be defeated because of new Chinese missiles and ships, including attack submarines and aircraft carriers.

Probably a deliberate leak as part of a campaign to increase spending on the USN.



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2 responses to “US ‘would lose any war’ fought in the Pacific with China | The Times

  1. Agree with you about the leak to increase spendings.
    About the speculations and possible superiority of China over the US on Pacific, I don’t think so. Just by comparing the military budgets of both countries, the US is almost 3 times bigger than the Chinese. I don’t know how much they spend on navies, but I think that proportions are the same compare to the whole amount. Possible China would get a short term advantage but in the long term, the USA is too strong. Plus in the region, they have the support of Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and India and in the later time the whole NATO. Question is how would Russia react to that conflict.

  2. Thanks. One point that the article ignored, perhaps because the journalist was not told by the source, is what the scenario was. Was it just the US forces normally based in the Pacific against the whole of the Chinese air force and navy or were US forces normally deployed elsewhere assigned to the Pacific? Did the Us fight on its own or did it have the support of the allies that you named plus maybe Australia and the UK? UK maybe wouldn’t send ships to fight in the Pacific but it might take over some USN duties in European waters to release US ships for the Pacific. New Zealand did that for the UK during the Falklands War, lending the RN a RNZN frigate that did not fight but allowed an extra RN one to go to the South Pacific.

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