Beijing’s African port ready for aircraft carriers | The Times

Another article from the London Times about Chinese naval expansion. This one says that a new 330m pier at China’s base in Djibouti in east Africa will accommodate either of China’s two aircraft carriers, the 304m Liaoning and the 315m Shandong, although the third Chinese carrier that is currently under construction is believed to be over 400m long.

The article also states that the Pentagon believes thatChina plans to develop a base near Gwadar in Pakistan, although the Chinese have denied this.






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5 responses to “Beijing’s African port ready for aircraft carriers | The Times

  1. It appears China’s long-term strategy is to dominate the Indian Ocean and thereby India. I wonder if India appreciates this.

  2. I think the clashes on the border between China and India date back beyond 1960. If I am not mistaken, some of them involve control of the headwaters of rivers.

  3. Apropos our exchange of several months ago, the article at the following link may be of interest to you:

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