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The Journal of Military Operations – New, Free Online Academic Journal

The Journal of Military Operations, a new peer-reviewed academic journal, has just published its first issue. It is available online at https://www.tjomo.com/. You have to register, but it is free. Its editor, Dr Jim Storr, states on the Birmingham “On War” blog that it aims to fill a gap for a journal “which focuses on how armed forces do, and should, fight wars.”

This is a very promising venture, which fills a gap in the market and is free. Judging by the membership of the Editorial Advisory Panel, it should be a high quality publication:

It is produced by the IJ Group, which was founded by A. E Stahl. It already publishes the Infinity Journal, which describes itself as being

an online, peer-reviewed “journalzine” concerned with strategy as the product of consciously linking ends, ways, and means. We are interested in strategy at any level—from grand strategy to campaign strategy—and as regards any dimension—from nuclear weapons to cyber-power. We are as concerned with the theory as much as the practice of strategy, whether across cultures, across history, or as a way ahead.

You do have to register separately for the two journals, but doing so is quick.


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