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Transformation and Innovation in the British Military

In April 2011 I presented a paper on ‘The Royal Navy’s Adoption of Oil Before the First World War’ at a conference on ‘Transformation and Innovation in the British Military from 1642 to 1945’, organised by the Centre for War Studies at the University of Birmingham. The conference was successful, and Helion are going to publish a book of the papers, which will be edited by Ross Mahoney, Stuart Mitchell and Michael LoCicero of the Birmingham Centre for War Studies . The book will concentrate on the period 1792 to 1945, which includes most of the papers presented.

See the links to ‘Birmingham “On War”‘, the blog of the Birmingham War Studies students for the book synopsis (first link) and table of contents (second link).



Abstracts of the chapters will soon be published on ‘Birmingham “On War”‘.

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