A Military Transformed? A New Book from Helion and Company

One of the chapters in this soon to be published book was written by myself. The blog entry above was written by Ross Mahoney, one of the editors, along with Michael LoCicero and Stuart Mitchell

Birmingham "On War"

In November 2013, a book will be published. It is my first book. Well to be honest I am one of the co-editors with two friends, Stuart Mitchell and Michael LoCicero though I do contribute a chapter on the transformation of land based air support for amphibious operation between 1942 and 1944. The book examines the process of transformation that occurred within the British military from 1792 to 1945. It is based on papers given at a symposium we co-organised in 2011 at the Centre for War Studies, University of Birmingham. As well as the editors, several of the contributors are PhD students or members of the Centre for War Studies so this has been an exciting project for all involved. We are publishing with Helion and Company, which has been a great experience. Helion is a publisher with some interesting plans to make a difference in publishing military history…

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3 responses to “A Military Transformed? A New Book from Helion and Company

  1. Thanks for the re-blog Martin. It is good to see this finally coming together with some great chapter, though of course I am slightly biased!

  2. The publication date for this book is now 15 March 2014.

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